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您的会员资格不能保证您的帖子在整个上市期间都可以访问。YourMembership provides You with the option to allow Your posting to be syndicated to external job boards if you choose to do so.Any posting sent to LinkedIn will occur at zero cost and only as part of a larger syndicated distribution add-on or product bundle with other explicitly identified destination sites or job boards.Any fee paid associated with the purchased add-on or product bundle is attributed exclusively to the other distribution sites in that add-on or product bundle.Computer outages,software failure and other technical and non-technical issues may cause temporary outages that YourMembership cannot be held liable for.

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No party may enter data that does not belong to them.You may not enter data for another user.This shall include,但不限于:就业机会清单。你不能发布不适合你公司的职位空缺。The only exception to this is if You represent an ad agency,recruitment firm,or another third party recruitment service,with permission to post on a company's behalf.

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任何一方不得将职业中心提供的服务用于其预期用途以外的任何目的。This shall include,但不限于:the practice of posting openings that do not specifically exist for the purpose of collecting resumes or other data from our users.这种做法是明确限制的,可能会导致您的张贴和删除您的使用权。

No party may use our services with the intent of hurting,破坏性的,销毁,or otherwise infringing on the stability and usefulness of YourMembership's services.

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By submitting any material to YourMembership,such as posting a comment to a discussion group,or by sending YourMembership an email,因此,您将授予您的成员资格非排他性,免版税,使用许可证,复制,display,分发,修改和创造衍生作品从这样的材料和市场的事实,你是这样的材料的作者。

Disclaimers and Limitations of Warranties

您的会员资格不保证发布在职业中心的任何数据的准确性或真实性。您因依赖本信息而遭受的任何损害不由您的会员或其关联公司或合作伙伴负责。By using this Career Center,您对使用和依赖本职业中心的内容承担所有责任和风险。

References and links to products and services belonging to third parties are provided for Your convenience and do not represent an endorsement by YourMembership of such products or services.第三方可从此职业中心网站访问或添加的材料,including,尽管不限于:在讨论组中发布的工作列表或评论,严格由添加或提供此类材料的第三方负责。虽然您的会员资格保留监督第三方讨论和删除您的会员资格认为不适当的材料的权利。贵公司成员既不认可也不承诺控制,监视器,编辑或承担任何此类第三方材料的责任。

通过使用职业中心提供的服务,您将承担与您接触的个人互动相关的所有责任和风险。YourMembership does not have the means to ensure that everyone is who they claim to be.We make no guarantees as to the legitimacy or accuracy of any job postings,简历,个人资料或通过职业中心网站发布的任何类型的帖子。Therefore You agree to release YourMembership and their respective affiliates and partners from any damages or liability arising out of Your usage of the Career Center,or its services.

本职业中心及其内容按“原样”提供。您的会员资格不作任何保证,明示和暗示,包括对下列信息的适销性和特定用途适用性的默示保证:可通过职业中心网站访问或从职业中心网站获取,以及通过职业中心购买的任何产品或服务。YOURMEMBERSHIP DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY TO YOU ARISING OUT OF INTERRUPTION OR DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM OR SOFTWARE AS THE RESULT OF ACCESSING OR OTHERWISE USING THE CAREER CENTER.您的会员资格既不保证也不表示通过职业中心提供的服务或信息将使您能够取得任何特定的结果或成果,LEGAL,经济,EDUCATIONAL,OR OTHERWISE.您的会员不承担任何附带责任,间接的,结果的,或任何形式的特殊损害,包括收入损失,LOST PROFITS,或因使用本网站而导致的数据丢失。如果上述任何限制和免责声明无效,您同意我方对您的最大责任应为“责任限制”一节中列出的金额。

Liability Limitation



YourMembership reserves the right to change the contents of this site or to discontinue it at any time,以及拒绝您的会员有合理理由相信可能出于非法或未经授权的目的或以可能损害您的会员或任何其他第三方的方式使用职业中心的任何人进入本网站的权利。