位于科罗拉多州的Westmoreland煤炭公司。金莎线上平台on October 9 said it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy,with the company reporting more than $1.4 billion in debt.该公司在今年4月的年度财务报告中说,为了保护自己免受债权人的伤害,它正在考虑破产。

韦斯特莫兰它已经运行了164年,是美国历史最悠久的独立国家。金莎线上平台coal company.它是美国第四大军事基地。金莎线上平台coal producer to file for bankruptcy protection in the past three years.Alpha Natural Resources went into bankruptcy in 2015,and Arch 金莎线上平台Coal and Peabody Energy filed bankruptcy petitions the following year.

金莎线上平台Coal producers have struggled in recent years withlower demand for their product作为美国金莎线上平台由于环境法规以及天然气和可再生能源发电的兴起,燃煤发电量减少,导致数十家煤厂关闭。金莎线上平台Westmoreland closed its 金莎线上平台coal-fired Roanoke Valley Energy Facility in Weldon,北卡罗莱纳in 2017.该公司今年早些时候披露了俄亥俄州的一个主要客户,该客户占其收入的14%,没有续签今年年底到期的煤炭供应合同。金莎线上平台有报道称,客户是美国电力公司,本周确认的它将关闭其1.59-GW燃煤康斯维尔发电厂。金莎线上平台在俄亥俄州,到2020年5月底,two years earlier than originally planned.

韦斯特莫兰headquartered in Englewood,Colorado,丹佛郊区,在一份声明中说,它不希望自己的业务被文件中断。公司,which has about 3,在几个州有1000名工人和业务人员,包括怀俄明州和蒙大拿州的粉河流域,and Canada,also said it does not plan staff reductions.它在美国申请破产。休斯顿破产法院,德克萨斯州,said the company has entered a restructuring agreement with its lenders.

迈克尔·哈钦森,自2017年11月起担任公司临时CEO,2012年起担任公司董事会成员,in a statement Tuesday said,"在与债权人进行了数月深思熟虑、富有成效的对话之后,we have developed a plan that allows Westmoreland to operate as usual while positioning Westmoreland for long-term success.随着我们加快重组长期债务和其他债务的进程,我们将继续在正常的过程中为客户服务。”"

公司于今年5月签署了1.1亿美元的融资协议。当时哈钦森说,"This financing also provides us with the financial flexibility to develop a longer-term plan while soliciting input from a number of our key constituents,who all want to see Westmoreland continue to grow and prosper.在接下来的几个月里,我们将继续评估并确定适当的战略,operational and financial structure to support the continued future growth of our business.""


Westmoreland 金莎线上平台Coal operates the Absaloka mine near Hardin,Montana.礼貌:Westmoreland Coal金莎线上平台

Jeffrey SteinWestmoreland's chief restructuring officer,said in the bankruptcy filing that"金莎线上平台美国各地的煤矿企业世界各地都因各种宏观经济因素而感到压力,and the fate of many of these companies is yet to be determined.President Donald Trump has made support of the 金莎线上平金莎线上开户台coal industry a priority of his administration and the Environmental Protection Agency is rolling back several regulations that limited greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from power plants.特朗普的环保局最近公布了负担得起的清洁能源规则作为奥巴马总统清洁能源计划的替代品,在众多法律挑战中从未颁布过。


Mary Anne Hitt,senior director of the Sierra Club's Beyond 金莎线上平台Coal campaign,在一份声明中说,Westmoreland的破产是煤炭行业正处于不可逆转的衰退中,这是最新的明确信号。”金莎线上平台金莎线上开户Hitt said,"With numerous 金莎线上平台coal companies facing bankruptcy in recent years,很明显,进一步投资煤炭是一个错误。金莎线上平台The best course for Westmoreland 金莎线上平台Coal Company moving forward must be to ensure that there are adequate funds to clean up its mines and to treat its workers with the respect they deserve.没有什么能阻止美国从煤炭转向清洁能源,金莎线上平台但过渡期应得到管理,以确保工人得到尊重,并履行重要的环境义务。”"

Westmoreland附属公司,Westmoreland资源合作伙伴,LP(WMLP),also Tuesday filed for Chapter 11 protection.WMLP表示,已同意与担保债权人就使用现金抵押品为该公司在破产案期间的持续经营提供资金达成协议。

在Westmoreland提交的文件中列出的债权超过14亿美元、总资产7.7亿美元的顶级债权人中,as of Aug.31是印度事务局,欠款180万美元。另一位债权人是前Westmoreland首席执行官Kevin Paprzycki,who left the company in 2017 and is owed more than $1.1 million.

Westmoreland's Absaloka Mine in Montana has been a revenue generator for the Crow Tribe.The company's Rosebud Mine in Montana supplies the Colstrip power plant.该公司在4月份的年度报告中表示,在2019年之前,两家煤矿都没有按照合同销售煤炭。金莎线上平台

Units 1 and 2 at the Colstrip plant计划不迟于2022年关闭根据2016年解决的空气污染诉讼条款。Units 3 and 4 at Colstrip have been closed for much of this year due to failed emissions tests under the federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule.Plant co-owner Talen Energy,操作工厂,9月底,在9月中旬的测试显示3号和4号机组符合颗粒物限值后,所有四个机组都在运行。

泰伦发言人在2017年8月告诉记者功率这个company would continue to operate the 2,094-MW机组,2016年,该公司的一位高管表示,该工厂在经济上不可行。

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